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Not working on any flashes ATM, got no time, ive been taking my time on the fourums submitting my art and opinions, its fun and its not somthing that has to be "ON TIME" so i layed off all of my flashes for now.
Find my art here
Also my clan is going great for gears, we have enough people to throw a 3v3 battle but we need more, Pm me or go to the site if your interested.
Find my clan website here

Other news.
Still waiting for the ninja collab, gonna be great :P

Went to see disaster movie, it sucked.

My first happy customer with their new BBS sig.
Pm me if your interested.


Clan site updates, and flash/art updates.

MLG 2v2 Gears of War Clan

2008-08-25 13:42:05 by FaithlessDave

I made a clan on game battles made stuff for it.
my bud from XBL gave me the idea so i got right on it.

Ninja collab < Out this week, atleast i hope, SuperAwesomeness is working hard and i made two of my best efforts on the flashes i made, i was gonna make 4 but my computer broke so i only had the time to make 2 and no ideas, so its alright.

Randomness PT.3 < A whole new approach to this flash, love story(X) Gay Story(X)
Random Prank Phonecall?( \/ )
Gonna be great... I hope :P V5*

Xguala EP.2 < Not working on it yet, still need a script and a new look to the animation with a couple voice actors.

Teh Crew Pt.2 < COMING SOON whole new script by DPlato and other new news.
-Better character models
-Better understanding of whats going on
-Not as much random (Even tho it was funny to my friends)
-Jowen talks.

Training -
Im gonna work on my animation skills before any of these are done, work on effects and humor, i dont push the limits and im gonna work harder to show my best efforts.


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2008-08-20 00:46:07 by FaithlessDave

Computers fixed
Flash is installed
all i need now is ideas.

DPlato if your up for anything im up for it ^^

Otherwise i decided to start making forum sig's to your needs. anyway
write a post :]


My computer is mest
Flash is gone....
hopefully returning to my dream some day from now...

The ninja collab is coming out soon and that will be my last flash till the day that i come back witch is an unknown date i know you all find me a amature and you dont care but im gonna do what i have to do to find what i could do in my life...

Thankyou Dplato for the scripts hopefully i can make the flashes for you.
Thankyou PeopleAreCool for showing me flash
Thankyou my friends Loveshinehero Haruken ILoveCrackers FallenAngel and Foshwizle for the support.
Thankyou betty ballerz for spamming me once. lol
Thankyou Tom Fulp to show people that you can do what ever you want and giving people to show their artistry over a well known website to showing are drawing skills or are will of logic to just spilling our soul from music.
Thankyou all the fellow newgrounders that showed me that no matter your skills of flash you still are a great artist to yourself and others,...

All the laughs and struggles i went to to show people what i could do was worth it because i got a whole new experiance i got new friends i got more skill and expecialy got more people to look up to.


I know this sounds like a good bye when realy im showing my appreciacions to the one that helped me through every single moment that i have been judged because of my age because of my drawing skills and because of my animations,...


I am david maher
and i am an animator/producer.

and i am looking to be a great artist in the future.

Thankyou newgrounds,

hope to come back to animation in the mean time.

All new

2008-07-12 15:28:05 by FaithlessDave

Im starting over on the crew, its staring to fustrate me, the ninja collab is going great, i just gave him my second flash.

Im planning on making xguala after the ninja collab and then go straight for Randomness PT. 3
(It has a script now, its gonna be awesome.)

Anyway i got GTA 4 now, and a new mic for my xbox :3 and i got halo 3 fixed so thats gonna be a fun time.
In other news my bud LoveShineHero made a new flash its two mins and im very proud of him
[Click HERE to see the flash]

Anyway thats all the news that i have for you today.

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2008-07-07 19:58:56 by FaithlessDave

My friend was a huge ballbuster and got me banned from the forums for 30 days..
gawd, now I'm bored :(


ITS OVER 9,000!!!!!

2008-07-06 00:38:37 by FaithlessDave

Another late night...
Another new line of news...

A]Im done my first flash for the Ninja Collab planning on making another one i just never started... :3

B]The Crew is Postponed (Due to delays on voice actors.)

C]I need ideas on what im gonna do for my next ninja collab skit, needs to be simple, fast, clever but i got no ideas.

A]I dont think i got a good voice no new offers.

Overall News
A]Im getting NEW mic for 360 and i get to get a game, But i DONO what i should get, BF: Bad Company or GTA4

B]I seen HANCOCK highley reccomend it, its HILARIOUS

Thats the end of my dailey post :3

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Another post

2008-07-02 23:34:38 by FaithlessDave

I started on the crew, and so far annoyed.
No real news just a picture on the progress, any suggestions please say.

Other news...

I was gone for a few days, so no real new progress

Imade a new page banner, and my sketch pad is being a huge advantage.
Thats about it.

Another post

LOL that sucked

2008-06-26 15:47:48 by FaithlessDave

The 500 Comment Fammine went horrible :P
Dont blame it, faithless devotion and now is saying that he made my videos when i couldnt submit my videos i let him see the finished product and he submitted it...
Report FaithlessDevotionTM
Here are some projects im working on with DPlato, he created the scripts with the outlines and hes doing a good job for my flashes to be made quicker.

-Randomness part .3 (InProgress)
-Xguala part .2 (Waiting for script/In Queue)
-The Crew REMAKE - The Intro (In Queue)
-Halo 3 Parody (Priority) (Waiting for script/InQueue)
-Music Video collab (In Queue) Im not running it so dont ask me.
-The Crew Part two

Its gonna be bunches of fun.

Ya since the 500 Comment thing sucked balls, to tell you the truth i just wanted some fame, it was late i was bored, why not have a bunch of peeps on my account checking my vids :P

Lol i just wanted to say
Thanks to "LoveShineHero"
for getting me into the collab (Hes not running it eather)
An thanks to DPlato for the scripts.
More to be announced

PS: If you still never added me on Xbox live my account is FaithlessDave

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2008-06-24 23:51:18 by FaithlessDave

I wrote a comment on the forumz, to come and leave a post so... Do it? :P

/* */
Goal: 500 posts

I want 500 posts because i want to.

Just to start of the convo, im gonna give you some news and stuff.

Xguala .pt 2 trailer was a hit, [dono how that happend.]
Xguala .pt 1 was a hit. [thats great.]
Randomness .pt 2 sucked [no supprise]

Willing to ask me any write a comment, ill be reading all 500 if i get that much lol.
But in all seriousness, my friend is upsest with drawing balls. and making dick jokes...
am i wrong for worrieing
[Sorry staff of NG, its your fault, he never did it before he seen the amount of dicks in this site]

What do you think of my new desplay isnt it sexy.
What do you think of my crappy new banner isnt it Shmexxy.
What do you think of my Gamer Tag On Xbox360 live that you can spam me more on: FaithlessDave
Isnt that just addorable?

randomness, but watev.

Back to news?
Im shaving my head. :P
Summers here?! JHC!
I have cookies.
Im craving Icecream Sandwiches.
Well good luck wit deh posts. >;[ betta been readin dis written commentary of the
500CommentFammine /:P