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Ha, who the hell is the betty ballers?
Well flash updates are pretty slow since i ran out of trial days, i will be expectivly have flash back this month and i set aside my lastest FD productions flash called Chronicles for Pico 08, its gonna be a short with a diss off the kitty krew, obviously it will not be my best work because i need to set my line to chronicles, its gonna be wiked :P

So... I dont have mutch to say only that I will be looking for people to join FD productions O.o
So i can get a few collabs in! :D

Everyone thats interested post me, Mean while, ill be doing my animations for anyone that ever liked my fewer ones that got blammed to hell, (FD - LIFE, FD - Teh Crew, And last but not least Chronicles) that will be out in weeks, even months, im working my ass off for it, so dont blam me :P..


1) Well as i said im looking for new members of FD productions, ill probly make a pico site, so all of the latest news will be easier to access..

2) Chronicles has taken a short break due to Pico 08

3) And ya, thats about it :D


FD O.o

Ha, The latest of FD news... Read it?!

To personal things, i have made an ejustment to the script, jowen is now out, and NJ is in :P
So Im planning for its release in a couple of weeks :D

Flash updates:
The intro is completed and the story is told through text at the starting
Scene: In progress, FD is killing through mobs of people when his gun gets jammed, and uses the objects in his pocket for a resource.

Thats all i can tell you for now :D

Release date: Unknown


2008-03-30 15:05:46 by FaithlessDave

Since my last TWO submissions were deleted i decided to make a more serious animation note, insted of my pointless randomness of the thee characters of Josh Ryan and David
It will be me: FaithlessDave Jowen And McG
It will have some violence, and gun scenes, I plan to take a couple weeks on it. I will take note of what i have finished and the DATE of the release, I plan to have it in less than a month, and i will be runing for the contest, Wish me luck
Sinceirly: FaithlessDave
Owner of FD Productions