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MLG 2v2 Gears of War Clan

2008-08-25 13:42:05 by FaithlessDave

I made a clan on game battles made stuff for it.
my bud from XBL gave me the idea so i got right on it.

Ninja collab < Out this week, atleast i hope, SuperAwesomeness is working hard and i made two of my best efforts on the flashes i made, i was gonna make 4 but my computer broke so i only had the time to make 2 and no ideas, so its alright.

Randomness PT.3 < A whole new approach to this flash, love story(X) Gay Story(X)
Random Prank Phonecall?( \/ )
Gonna be great... I hope :P V5*

Xguala EP.2 < Not working on it yet, still need a script and a new look to the animation with a couple voice actors.

Teh Crew Pt.2 < COMING SOON whole new script by DPlato and other new news.
-Better character models
-Better understanding of whats going on
-Not as much random (Even tho it was funny to my friends)
-Jowen talks.

Training -
Im gonna work on my animation skills before any of these are done, work on effects and humor, i dont push the limits and im gonna work harder to show my best efforts.


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2008-08-26 09:55:50

So i dont get did youy like console buddies? w/e so kewl, when you starting randomness and xguala

FaithlessDave responds:

after i finish the side projects