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LOL that sucked

2008-06-26 15:47:48 by FaithlessDave

The 500 Comment Fammine went horrible :P
Dont blame it, faithless devotion and now is saying that he made my videos when i couldnt submit my videos i let him see the finished product and he submitted it...
Report FaithlessDevotionTM
Here are some projects im working on with DPlato, he created the scripts with the outlines and hes doing a good job for my flashes to be made quicker.

-Randomness part .3 (InProgress)
-Xguala part .2 (Waiting for script/In Queue)
-The Crew REMAKE - The Intro (In Queue)
-Halo 3 Parody (Priority) (Waiting for script/InQueue)
-Music Video collab (In Queue) Im not running it so dont ask me.
-The Crew Part two

Its gonna be bunches of fun.

Ya since the 500 Comment thing sucked balls, to tell you the truth i just wanted some fame, it was late i was bored, why not have a bunch of peeps on my account checking my vids :P

Lol i just wanted to say
Thanks to "LoveShineHero"
for getting me into the collab (Hes not running it eather)
An thanks to DPlato for the scripts.
More to be announced

PS: If you still never added me on Xbox live my account is FaithlessDave

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