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2008-07-12 15:28:05 by FaithlessDave

Im starting over on the crew, its staring to fustrate me, the ninja collab is going great, i just gave him my second flash.

Im planning on making xguala after the ninja collab and then go straight for Randomness PT. 3
(It has a script now, its gonna be awesome.)

Anyway i got GTA 4 now, and a new mic for my xbox :3 and i got halo 3 fixed so thats gonna be a fun time.
In other news my bud LoveShineHero made a new flash its two mins and im very proud of him
[Click HERE to see the flash]

Anyway thats all the news that i have for you today.

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2008-07-12 16:31:16

Cool David.


2008-07-13 13:56:12

STFUYou cat panda bear fuck, thanx david