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ITS OVER 9,000!!!!!

2008-07-06 00:38:37 by FaithlessDave

Another late night...
Another new line of news...

A]Im done my first flash for the Ninja Collab planning on making another one i just never started... :3

B]The Crew is Postponed (Due to delays on voice actors.)

C]I need ideas on what im gonna do for my next ninja collab skit, needs to be simple, fast, clever but i got no ideas.

A]I dont think i got a good voice no new offers.

Overall News
A]Im getting NEW mic for 360 and i get to get a game, But i DONO what i should get, BF: Bad Company or GTA4

B]I seen HANCOCK highley reccomend it, its HILARIOUS

Thats the end of my dailey post :3

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2008-07-06 13:34:45

hancock is awesome