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When everything seems to be right... your computer starts to suck ballz.

2008-08-03 02:13:31 by FaithlessDave


My computer is mest
Flash is gone....
hopefully returning to my dream some day from now...

The ninja collab is coming out soon and that will be my last flash till the day that i come back witch is an unknown date i know you all find me a amature and you dont care but im gonna do what i have to do to find what i could do in my life...

Thankyou Dplato for the scripts hopefully i can make the flashes for you.
Thankyou PeopleAreCool for showing me flash
Thankyou my friends Loveshinehero Haruken ILoveCrackers FallenAngel and Foshwizle for the support.
Thankyou betty ballerz for spamming me once. lol
Thankyou Tom Fulp to show people that you can do what ever you want and giving people to show their artistry over a well known website to showing are drawing skills or are will of logic to just spilling our soul from music.
Thankyou all the fellow newgrounders that showed me that no matter your skills of flash you still are a great artist to yourself and others,...

All the laughs and struggles i went to to show people what i could do was worth it because i got a whole new experiance i got new friends i got more skill and expecialy got more people to look up to.


I know this sounds like a good bye when realy im showing my appreciacions to the one that helped me through every single moment that i have been judged because of my age because of my drawing skills and because of my animations,...


I am david maher
and i am an animator/producer.

and i am looking to be a great artist in the future.

Thankyou newgrounds,

hope to come back to animation in the mean time.


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2008-08-03 03:05:32

good luck


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